​2018 Encouragement Award winners, left to right, were sopranos 
Lucero del Mar, Samone Hicks, Dorothy Gal, tenor Jose Simerilla Romero, and countertenor Nicholas Kelliher.
Our January, 2018 Winners:  left to right, mezzo-soprano Linsey Coppens, soprano Laura León, and soprano Lyndsey Swann.  They advanced to the Gulf Coast Region competition in New Orleans in March, 2018.

​​Recent Past Florida District Winners

2017:  Ana Collado, Anthony Ciaramitaro, Jillian Marini, Vincent Turregano

2016:  ​Lauren Feider, Robyn Marie Lamp, Kathryn Bowden

2015:  ​Anthony Ciaramitaro, Sarah Payne, Christine Suits 

2014:  Abigail Rethwisch, Chelsea Elizabeth Bolter, Maria Laetitia, Kathryn Bowden

2013:  Betsy Diaz, Leigh Whitney Tomlinson, María Leticia Hernández (María Laetitia)

2012:  Samantha Barnes, Emily Duncan-Brown, R. Kenneth Stavert

2011:  Megan Dewald, Betsy Diaz, David Margulis, R. Kenneth Stavert

2010:  ​Leah Crocetto, Sam Levine, Max Weir

2009:  ​Sarah Callinan, Bethany Hoerst,  Jeanette Zilioli

2018 Florida District Winners

Met Auditions Florida District

​​​            The 2018 National Council Winners at the Grand Finals concert on the stage of the Metropolitan

              Opera were: (l to r) Hongni Wu, mezzo-soprano, Jessica Faselt, soprano, Carlos Santelli, tenor,

              Ashley Dixon, mezzo-soprano, and Madison Leonard, soprano.