2023 Grand Finalists, with Eleomar Cuello at top left

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our 2023 District Winners were baritone ELEOMAR CUELLO, who advanced through the competition all the way to the Grand Finals on the stage of the Met, and soprano TATEV BAROYAN, who won 2nd place at the Region. Our judges also selected 5 Encouragement Award winners: soprano Ashia Barnes, soprano Emily Helenbrook, soprano Laura Fernandez, bass-baritone Jiahua Zhang, and soprano Sandra Keerthi. Congratulations to all our competitors for their fine singing!

Metropolitan Opera Laffont Competition Florida District

​​Recent Past Florida District Winners

2023:  Eleomar Cuello, Tatev Baroyan

2022: Arianna Rodriguez, Eleomar Cuello, Jose Simerilla Romero, Kyle White

2021: Yejin Lee, Gloria Palermo, Michael Rodriguez, Jose Simerilla Romero

2019 (November):  Maire Carmack, Tatev Baroyan, Suzannah Waddington

2019 (January):  Jake Skipworth, Sylvia D'Eramo, Teresa Perrotta 

2018:  Lyndsey Swann, Laura Leon, Linsey Coppens

2017:  Ana Collado, Anthony Ciaramitaro, Jillian Marini, Vincent Turregano

2016:  ​Lauren Feider, Robyn Marie Lamp, Kathryn Bowden

​2015:  ​Anthony Ciaramitaro, Sarah Payne, Christine Suits 

2014:  Abigail Rethwisch, Chelsea Elizabeth Bolter, Maria Laetitia, Kathryn Bowden

2013:  Betsy Diaz, Leigh Whitney Tomlinson, María Leticia Hernández (María Laetitia)

2012:  Samantha Barnes, Emily Duncan-Brown, R. Kenneth Stavert

2011:  Megan Dewald, Betsy Diaz, David Margulis, R. Kenneth Stavert

2010:  ​Leah Crocetto, Sam Levine, Max Weir

2009:  ​Sarah Callinan, Bethany Hoerst,  Jeanette Zilioli