Met Auditions Florida District

​​The 2017 National Council Winners at the Grand Finals concert on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera were: 

(l to r) Kyle van Schoonhoven, tenor; Vanessa Vasquez, soprano; Samantha Hankey, mezzo-soprano; Kirsten MacKinnon, soprano; Aryeh Nussbaum-Cohen, countertenor; and Richard Smagur, tenor.

​2017 Encouragement Award winners, left to right, were soprano
Aisha Campbell, soprano Emily Barnash and tenor Samuel Chiba.
Our January, 2017 Winners:  left to right, soprano Ana Collado, tenor Anthony Ciaramitaro, soprano Jillian Marini and baritone Vincent Turregano.  They advanced to the Gulf Coast Region competition in New Orleans on February 19, 2017.

Recent Past Florida District Winners

2016:  ​Lauren Feider, Robyn Marie Lamp, Kathryn Bowden

2015:  ​Anthony Ciaramitaro, Sarah Payne, Christine Suits 

2014:  Abigail Rethwisch, Chelsea Elizabeth Bolter, Maria Laetitia, Kathryn Bowden

2013:  Betsy Diaz, Leigh Whitney Tomlinson, María Leticia Hernández (María Laetitia)

2012:  Samantha Barnes, Emily Duncan-Brown, R. Kenneth Stavert

2011:  Megan Dewald, Betsy Diaz, David Margulis, R. Kenneth Stavert

2010:  ​Leah Crocetto, Sam Levine, Max Weir

2009:  ​Sarah Callinan, Bethany Hoerst,  Jeanette Zilioli

2017 Florida District Winners